Kitchen utensil for taking greens , corn, etc. from pots L2004.041.1 Tongs
Table top display case with wood frame Dimensions: 48"x24"x12" 2004.040.1 Table top display case with wood frame.
Table top dispaly case with wood frmae and glass shelves Dimensions: 39.5'X13.5"X21" 2004.040.2 Table top display case with wood frame.
Hanging scale that would've been used in a old groucery store. 2004.040.3 Scale, Grain
Table Scale with weights and large brass pan. 2004.040.4 Scale, Grain
Paper hanger/cutter with brown paper and spool of string used to wrap store purchases 2004.040.5 Trimmer
1946 Ucentavo Repbulic of Cuba coins 2004.043.4 Coins
Ivory spatulas (2) 17
Commerative brick from St. John's Episcopal Church - covered & sold by ladies to raise money fro addition to the church 2005.002.001 Brick
Pint oyster can for fisherman's display - "Fresh Oysters", T. A. Treakle & Son, Palmer, VA 2005.002.002 Can
Coverlet or table cloth with red and blue pattern 2005.003.001 Coverlet
Coverlet or table cloth with red and black pattern 2005.003.002 Coverlet
Quilt, in the pattern called Time and Tide. 2005.003.004 Bedspread
Unknow Coins - 1946 Ucentavo Republic of Cuba 2005.004.004 Coins
Unk. Color print of clipper ship 2005.005.042 Print
Unknown Small oil painting of lake on academy board 2005.005.045 Painting
Unknow Cheif Josph print 2005.005.046 Print
Unknow Indian maiden picture in oval frame. 2005.005.047 Print
Unknow Oil painting on academy board of a winter scene. 2005.005.048 Painting
Picture frame - 5 x 6 2005.005.049 PIcture frame
Picture frame 8 x 10 2005.005.050 Picture frame
Article of agreement 2005.005.051 Legal Document
Notification of business agreement from Mr. George Bagby with Messrs. Wilson and Son , Wholesale Grlcers and Commission Merchants, dated March 6th, 1871. 2005.005.052 Records
20 Dollar Confedererate bill, may be a replica 2005.007 Currency
One (1) Universal Grinder 2005.011.01 Grinder
One (1) Wonder Shredder 2005.011.02 Shredder
One (1) Wonder shredder 2005.011.03 Shredder
One (1) Wonder Shredder 2005.011.04 Shredder
Two glass tumblers from the old Riverside Hotel. was acquired from the family of Fisher. 2005.014.1 Glass, Water
Three (3) pieces of jewlery 9.2 Jewlery
Three cornered chair 10.1 Chair
Piece of material/fabric (homespun?) 2005.016.1 Bolt, Cloth
One (1) small bottle 2005.017.1 Bottle
One (1) large bottle 2005.017.2 Bottle
Original metal plate from Hoskins Creek Bridge when the bridge was widened in 1953. Inscription on the plate is "WIDENED 1953". 2005.018.1 plate, metal
Fragment of a shell of a cannon ball, Civil War Feb. 1863 11.1 Cannonball
Baseball uniform (pants and shirt). Shirt front lettering - Tappahannock; back lettering - W.B. Carneal, 14, Chevy Sales 2005.021.1 Uniform
Baseball Uniform (shirt and pants). Shirt letterin front - T; back - 1 2005.021.2 Uniform
boy's, circa early 1900's 2005.065.1 shoe
metal plunger type with wooden handle, for giving an enema, late 19th or early 20th c. Note : this object was identified as a"cookie press" until it was identified by a visitor to the museum as a clyster in October 2008. it hd been displayed in the 20th c. exhibit along with domestic /kitchen items. P02.001 Clyster
1920's GE light bulb found in the wall of DeShields Fisher house during renovation. 2006.002.1 Bulb, Light
strap iron, 29 1/4 by 36 1/2 inches P96.002.1 Jail bars
large earthenware jug from Blandfield, used for food storage P96.003.1 Jar
glass, 2 in. high, amber P96.004.1 Bottle
glass, clear, 8 in. high, medicine ?, New York P96.004.2 Bottle
carved wood, 19th century(?) P96.005.1 Float, crab pot
flat iron , metal 19th c. P96.006.1 Iron
cavalry, VA, ca 1812, approx. 39 in. long L96.007.1 Saber
for saber,L96.007.1 L96.007.2 Scabbard
Steamer, Bowlers Wharf, marked, Cody Dowell, father ran the wharf P96.071.1 Trunk
Jefferson 3 Cent 96.086.7 Coin
ice pick 96.086.1 Ice Pick
Basketball game P96.089.03 Game
Prescription Box from The Corner Drug Store, L.J. Henley Prop., Tappahannock, VA. Directions inside lid of box - Tab. vit. B.I 3mg. 2006.003.2 Box
Prescription Box from The Corner Drug Store, L.J. Henley Prop. Tappahannock, VA. Enscripted on the cover - One Every 4 hours. G. 2006.003.1 Box
Prescription Box from The Corner Drug Store, L.J. Henley Prop. Tappahannock, VA. Directions in inside cover - 3 Mg. Tablets, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-I, Take as directed by physician. 2006.003.3 Box
Handmade wood doll (early 1900's) from the Grimbal Plantation on Jones Island, Charleston, South Carolina 2006.004.1 Doll
Porcelain doll dressed in white lace and bonnet. Early 1900's/late 1890's from the Fisher family 2006.004.2 Doll
Porcelain doll, dressed in pink clothes, red shoes and bow in her hair. Early 1900's/late 1890' from the Fisher family 2006.004.3 Doll
Porcelain doll, dressed in beige colored gown and bonnet. Early 1900's/late 1890's. From the Fisher family. 2006.004.4 Doll
Piece of black lace, no edgings P96.090.05 Lace
Hand-sewn cotton camisole 40" long P96.090.06 Camisole
Cotton nightgown, lace insets P96.090.07 Nightgown
Pink muslin short-sleeved dress P96.090.08 Dress
Cream, sleeveless dress, black designs, satin, probably 1920s P96.090.09 Dress
Cream colored dress with a 3 layered skirt P96.090.10 Dress
Dress, black mesh top crape skirt P96.090.11 Dress
Pr. scarf clips, silvery, hinged clip P96.090.12 Clip
Sleeveless cream mesh dress P96.090.13 Dress
Muslin shirt with blue piping P96.090.14 Shirt
Muslin nursing top, lace over sleeves P96.090.15 Nursing shirt
Black, heavy satin blouse with full sleeves, probably late 19th or early 20th century P96.090.16 Blouse
Blouse with full-sleeves, cream over brown. Probably late 19th or early 20th century. P96.090.17 Blouse
Man's vest, heavy green satin P96.090.18 Vest
Hat pin cushion, cream top with beads P96.090.19 Pin Cushion
2 wine bottle bottoms, 1 1/2 inch, 1 full L96.097.2 Wine Bottle bottoms
2" Steelies, blue shooter, glass marble L96.097.1 Game
Pegboard game, green back L96.097.3 Game
Hydrometer, mercury beaded, glass, from Standard Oil Plant 1921, 8 1/2 x 3/4 in diameter L96.097.5 Hydrometer
Military, brass powder flask. Am. Flask Co. L96.097.8 Flask
36 Assorted Prehistoric shark teeth P96.118.1 Shark Teeth
Various shards of pottery 17-18th Century P96.119.1 Pottery
Sharks teeth, prehistoric L96.120.1 Shark teeth
baggies pottery shards L96.120.2 Pottery
Wooden box of Sharks teeth L96.120.3 Shark teeth
Dancing Bear Toy, c. 1860-1880 P97.009.1 Dancing Bear Toy
Paper puppet, toy, Reproduction P97.035.1 Puppet
Paper puppet toy, Reproduction P97.035.2 Puppet
Paper Puppet toy, polichinalle/bow and instrument. Reproduction P97.035.3 Puppet
Paper Puppet, dancer colombine. Reproduction P97.035.4 Puppet
Paper Puppet toy, female Chinese Dancer. Reproduction P97.035.5 Puppet
Paper Puppet toy, Harlequin. Reproduction P97.035.6 Puppet
Paper puppet toy, Pirrot, reproduction P97.035.7 Puppet
Toy Stuffed Horse, "Black Beauty" P97.010.1 Stuffed animal
Stuffed Monkey, toy, "Jaco" P97.011.1 Stuffed animal
Domino Set with wooden box P97.012.1 Dominoes
Glass Jar with dried lavender P97.013.1 Jar
Evening Bag, 8"x8" P97.014.1 Evening Bag
Women's silver compact P97.015.1 Compact
Tin Pull Toy, with Horse P97.017.1 Pull Toy
P97.018.1 Washboard
Woman's Fan P97.019.1 Fan
Cloth Book P97.016.1 Book
Eyeglasses with case P97.020.1 Eyeglasses
Silver snuff box 2" x 1" x 1/2" P97.022.1 Snuff box
Medical Scales P97.023.1 Medical Scales
Wooden Medical Case P97.031.1 Medical Case
Harmonica Thorens Professional P97.054.01 Harmonica
Harmonica The American Ace P97.054.02 Harmonica
Harmonica- Marine Band-German P97.054.03 Harmonica
Harmonica LIttle Lady P97.054.04 Harmonica
Harmonica "Blues Harp" P97.054.05 Harmonica
Harmonica, "Atom" P97.054.16 Harmonica
Windsor Lake Dairy waxed cardboard, quart P97.070.1 Housewares
Windsor Lake Dairy Glass, 1 quart P97.070.2 Glass
Windsor Lake Dairy Glass, 1 quart P97.070.3 Glass
Farmer's Creamery Glass, 1 quart P97.070.4 Glass
Farmer's Creamery Glass, 1 quart P97.070.5 Glass
Plain glass 1 quart bottle, loaned item P97.070.6 Glass
Farmer's Creamery glass, 1 pint, loaned item P97.070.7 Glass
Farmer's Creamery glass, 1 pint, loaned item P97.070.8 Glass
Cup, "Shenango China" P97.063.1 Cup
Saucer, "Buffalo China" P97.063.2 Saucer
"CARR China" P97.063.3 Dinner Plate
"McNicol China" P97.063.4 Lunch Plate
"McNicol China" P97.063.5 Salad Plate
"McNicol China" P97.063.6 Side Dish
Plain, "CARR China" P97.063.7 Soup Bowl
with handles, "CARR China" P97.063.8 Soup Bowl
Handbook of Military symbols P97.051.1 Handbook
Clip of cartrdges for M-16 Rifle. WWII P97.053.1 Cartridge Clip
German, Reichs bank note, paper, "Hundert Mark", November 1920, 100 Marks P97.055.1 Reichs bank note
French/German/ Luxembourg "Cinq Franc" note, probably WWII era P97.059.1 Franc
rusty metal, painted red, ca. 1900, 6 x 5 in P97.045.3 Reloader, shotgun shell
sealer, can P97.045.2 Sealer, can
two wrenches P97.045.1 Wrench
corkscrews P97.045.4 Corkscrew
military, single bullet mold P97.045.5 Bullet Mold
Military, double bullet mold P97.045.6 Bullet Mold
German, 40 mm 2005.023.1 Shell
German,40 mm,1918 2005.023.2 Shell
Metal clipboard labeled Hundley & Evans, General Insurance, Tappahannock, VA 2006.005.1 Novelty
Black Mourning Parasol, late 19th C, early 20th?, black lace trimming. fragile. from Hill and Dale, handle broken, lace dryrotten P97.068.1 Parasol
fractional National Currency Note .10, from 1863 P97.064.1 Currency note
Top of pleater, 3"x4 1/2", "The Best" P97.065.1 Pleater
Base of pleater, 3"x5", "C.W. Whitfield" P97.065.2 Pleater
Civil War Gun, cap pistol, single shot, .51 caliber P97.066.1 Pistol
Photocopy Display, "Sale of Negro Boy . . . ." P97.069.1 Display
Perfume Bottle with black screw top P97.072.1 Perfume Bottle
clear glass perfume bottle with glass rose stopper, approx 2" P97.072.2 Perfume Bottle
Crochet work on 4 bone needles, 20th C., cream colored. P97.073.1 Crochet
Set of 12 Knitting Needles P97.073.2 Knitting needles
Set of 4 yellow knitting needles P97.073.3 Knitting needles
Set of two #4 needles P97.073.4 Needle
Set of 5 #2 needles P97.073.5 Needle
Set of 24 various metal needles P97.073.6 Needle
Crocheted butterfly, approx 3". 3 squares. P97.073.8 Crochet
Crochet (on 4 needles?). Possibly a duplicate entry of P97.073.1 P97.073.9 Crochet
Glass Eye Wash Cup, personal item P97.085.01 Eye Wash Cup
Button hooks- 3 1/2" with wooden handle. P97.085.02 Button Hook
5 1/4" button hook P97.085.03 Button Hook
Yellow plastic button hook P97.085.04 Button Hook
7 1/4" yellow plastic button hook P97.085.05 Button hook
Mother of Pearl button hook P97.085.06 Button Hook
2" Knife- 2 blades, mother of pearl P97.085.07 Knife
Nail Knife- 5" Cuticle remover P97.085.08 Nail Knife
Men's Mechanical Pencil, orange & black, square shaped P97.085.09 Mechanical Pencil
Blue Plastic spectacles P97.085.10 Spectacles
Spectacles with a heavy bridge P97.085.11 Spectacles
Spectacles Oval Bifocal P97.085.12 Spectacles
Baby Shoes, black leather P97.085.13 Shoes
Women's Silver flask P97.085.14 Flask
2-3" cigarette holder with case, burgandy P97.085.15 Cigarette Holder
Cavalry Saber, 1862 M1860 L97.099.01 Saber
Scabbard to cavalry saber 1862, item #L97.099.01 L97.099.02 Scabbard
Colt Revolver M1841 Caliber 31 L97.099.03 Revolver
Assortment of minie balls and bullets. Civil War? Revolutionary War? L97.099.04 Bullet
4 Replicas of CSA (3) & VA belt buckles L97.099.06 Belt Buckle
2 goose quills & pewter ink well reproduction L97.099.08 Quill
2 pens nib, Patent 1882 with name "John Holland" engraved in plastic L97.099.09 Pen
Les Miserables Part II 1863 Richmond, VA L97.099.10 Paper
Arrowhead Board Display L97.117.1 Arrowhead Board Display
Arrowhead Board Display L97.117.2 Arrowhead Board Display
Pestle Stone and Grinde Stone L97.117.3 Grind stone
Pottery Shard L97.117.4 Pottery
Pottery Shard L97.117.5 Pottery
Ax head L97.117.6 Ax
Ax head L97.117.7 Ax
Evening Bag- Tapestry 5"x8", gold colored snap. P97.080.1 Evening Bag
blue and cream colored women's bag P97.080.2 Bag
bag heavy thread P97.080.3 Bag
Cream colored crocheted bag, open carry. Circle shaped, fastened with grey ribbon. P97.080.4 Bag
Thimble P97.080.5 Trimble
Lady's headdress, cream colored lace P97.080.6 Headdress
Women's small cardboard case P97.079.1 Case
Silver compass dated 1915 P97.079.2 Compass
green felt, with buckle P98.090.1 Gaiters
dust, white muslin P98.090.2 Cap
small black mesh w. ribbons P98.090.3 hat
black w. handle P98.090.4 Box, hat
full length, lt. blue, cotton, w. lace collar, c. 1900 P98.090.5 Dress
full length, pale orange, poor condt. c. 1900 P98.090.6 Dress
long sleeves, white cotton with embroidery P98.090.7 Blouse
white cotton w. open work back P98.090.8 Blouse
full length, white cotton P98.090.9 Skirt
brown velvet with jet beads P98.091.1 Hat
evening, black with lacing, labelled: " A Linden Fashion" P98.091.2 Dress
black velvet cloche, label: Miller amd Rhoads P98.091.3 Hat
clay, 14 in. long, made in Liverpool P98.114.1 Pipe
Parian ware, one of pair, one damaged on top. 11 1/2 in . high Tobacco? leaf motif P98.115.1 Vase
Parian ware, one of pair, white P98.115.2 Vase
Boy, represents Joy; Parian ware P98.115.3 Bust
girl, represents Sadness; Parian ware P98.115.4 Bust
leather and glass, Civil War era. pewter top and pewter cup bottom P98.115.5 Flask
Black velvet w. gold beads, Washington D.C. label P98.091.4 Hat
Cotton "Mother Hubbard " w. horseshoe pattern P98.092.1 Dress
matches P98.092.1 P98.092.2 Bonnet
brown cardboard box with additional parts also in Office 5 P98.116.1 Flax wheel
12", 9" wooden handle P99.092.1 Auger
iron, clamp type, early 20th c prob P99.093.1 Ice skates, pair
aluminum,(?) or steel 2 3/4 in. keg shape, marked, "Southside Bank, Taappahannock, VA" on top P99.094.1 Bank
Colonial woman's costume, 1932, Geo. Washington Bicentennial P99.099.1 Dress
George Washington, includes hats, tricorne and scottish, vest, shoes, coat, breeches, tights was on display on a manequin in main gallery in2004 P99.099.2 Costume, men's colonial
long black silk with ruffles and pocket, prob circa 1910, tag from Bygones, Richmond P99.100.2 Petticoat
plum silk w. leg-of-mutton sleeves., marked w. tag ffrom Bygones, Richmond P99.100.1 Blouse, jacket
man's Fedora, gray, 1940s? P99.101 Hat
man's Fedora, white, 1940s? P99.101.2 Hat
evening , champagne color, w. scarf and jewelled buckle P99.102.1 Dress
Receipt of Edward Powers from A. Cox, dated Dec 5, 18?3 2006.011.044 Receipt
Receipt of Edward Powers from Albert G. Oneals, dated 13 day of January 1802 2006.011.045 Receipt
Receipt to Thomas A. Powers from A Garrett, date Sep 10th 1866 2006.011.046 Receipt
Receipt to Edward Powers from James Roy Micon, Clerk of Essex County Court, dated Jun. 1843 2006.011.047 Receipt
Receipt to Powers, Thomas A. from John M. Garrett for District School Tax, Occupacia Township, Essex County 2006.011.048 Receipt
From Strathbrae P01.009.1 Shards
Decorative pickle from Heinz Co. P01.010.1 Jar
Toy L01.011.1 Blackboard
Farming items P01.014.1 Display board
small P.01.015.1 Bellows
Receipt to Mr. Faulkner from M. Palmer for clover seed. 2006.011.049 Receipt
Receipt from Edward Powers to ? for ladies shoes, dated 7th Oct. 1868 2006.011.050 Receipt
Receipt to Edward Powers from G. H. Hanley, dated 1st Jan 1849 2006.011.051 Receipt
Receipt to Edward Powers from David Gold for subscription ot Union Democrat, dated Dec. 10, 1841 2006.011.052 Receipt
Receipt to Edward Powers from Edwin G. Andrews for payment of a bond, dated 20th day of September, 1842 2006.011.053 Receipt
Receipt to W. J. Parker from W. L. Street Co. for 137 acres, sold as delinquent land for year 1891. Dated January 31/94 2006.011.054 Receipt
Receipt to Mrs. S. E. Powers from W. J. Parker, Commissioner of the Revenue for Essex Countyfor transferring land "Lily Mount from S. M. Powers to Mrs. S. E. Powers. Dated June 18th 1898. 2006.011.055 Receipt
Receipt to Sarah E. Powers from Richard Rouzie Comissioner of Revenue for land changes. Dated. Aug. 19, 1895 2006.011.056 Receipt
Moroccan leather travelling trunk owned by Benjamin R. Baird, prob. 1830s, has brass plate," B. R. Baird, Virginia," May have been used when he was a student at Princeton. Came from Epping Forest, home he built in Essex Co. 2005.074.01A Trunk
woman's white linen wiith lace and embroideryat collar, long sleeves with lace trim, tie at waist, from Epping Forest, circa 1900, owner unknown 2005.074.04D Blouse
black silk brocade vest or waistcoat, Calling card of Dr. William B. Westmore 2005.074.05E Waistcoat
Charles Cauthen Bronze casting, 14 1/2 in. tall including wooden base, sculpted by Charles Cauthen, 2004; inscription on base: "Richard Cawthorne III" (1644-1687) Chief of Colonial Frontier Guard, Rappahannock county, Virginia, 1684" 2006.13.1 Statue Richard Cawthorne III
engraved USLHS used at Bowlers Rock Light to calibrate machinery for ?fog bell and possibly for ? rotating lens 2006.015.5 Stopwatch
set of 2, used in semifore signaling by Wm. C. "Wit" Garrett, on LCT 886 Landing Craft Tank ?crew of 16 men, all officers used them, spelled out abcs by position of flags around body Poor condition, staining 2006.016.1 Flag, signal
Log cabin style patchwork with wheat motif solid fabric on reverse P04.040.1 Quilt
yellow and brown triangle and bar pattern w. patriotic "quilt" fabric on reverse P04.040.2 Quilt
black twill with orange top and matching jacket lwith orange lining P02.015.1 Dress
wool US Marines, prob WW II era P96.092.2 Overcoat
Boy Scouts, c. 1920, belonged to Charles J. Fisher, father of donor, was from Richmond P96.093.1 Pants
Air Force, 1921, belonged to Charles J. Fisher, father of donor, was briefely in Air Force and at Langley Air Force Base, VA P96.093.2 Jacket
US Army Aero Service 1920s, Winter tunic or blouse, manu by Heidelburg Wolff, New York, tag inside inner breast pocket left P96.094.1 Jacket
Patch - "LHS", Lloyds High School 2006.011.090 Patch
Photograph - ? Ferry Bridge 2006.011.091 Photograph
County of Essex Virginia automobile registration sticker, 1978 2006.011.092 Certificate, Registration
made of four entire pelts with heads and tails P01.002.2 Stole, mink
high heels, black suede, mid 20th c, P01.020.1 Shoes
from Miller's Tavern chimney dated1798; Tavern was destroyed by controlled burn in 2006 P02.005 Brick
wrought iron late 18th or early 19th C. P02.006 Trammel
wooden, w. carved eagle? P02.007 Dipper
Memorial, 1935, Woman's club L02.008 Quilt
paper woodcutter w. canopy, is marked L02.009 Toy
2"x4" L.02.010 Valentine
"Yuletide Fabric", Christmas cards, circa 1930s P02.011 Box
Keroscene, Acme Inspection RR lamp P02.012.1 Lamp
Keroscene, Acme Inspection, RR, one of two, black, marked on back P02.012.2 Lamp
small mesh., round, 32 in. dia L02.014 Net
U. S. Marines overcoat, wool , prob WW II era P02.015.2 Overcoat
stoneware, 2 gal. w. corn cob stopper 2006.023.001 Jug
scissor type, five in. long 2006.023.002 Candle snuffer
cast metal , spike type w. base 2006.023.003 Ticket holder
clear glass, Hemingray-9 2006.023.004 Insulator
wooden w. handle 2006.023.005 Sock darner
cast metal, hinged, made in Paris, France, 11 1/2 in. long 2006.023.006 Hair curler
cast iron, 10 1/2 in. ling 2006.023.007 Comb
stainless steel 2006.023.008 Hair clipper
cast metal, 7 1/2 in. long 2006.023.009 Stove lid lifter
ink, glass, 2 oz. 2006.023.010 Bottle
bull nose, cast metal, 8 in. long 2006.023.011 Leader
circular, Dobbs, Fith Avenue, New York, street scene, prob 1920s or 1930s P02.013.1 Hatbox
round, The Diamond, blue stripes, P02.013.2 Hatbox
For drying tobacco? or ?, pine, tapering ladder form with four rungs P02.016.1 Rack
shot from restored memorial cannon at Confederate Memorial unveiling P03.001.1 Plug
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Dunbrooke P04.001 Plate
Jamestown, VA, 1607-1957 P04.002 Plate
pottery, blue and white, Essex County landmarks P04.003 Egg
grey and blue glazed, 6 in. high "Tappahannock, VA, 1680-1980" Indian's head P04.004 Mug
oak, rod w. three irngs, date of manu not known, prob 1900-1920 P04.005 Rack, towel
5 x 15 in. white w. white embroidery P04.007 Pin cushion
4 wooden nickels promoting Tappahannock businesses, 1 peelers check and one company store token for Essex Packing Company, Robert Goldman Neale P04.008 Token
Tappahannock Furniture Store promotional, ice spoon and bottle opener P04.009 Spoon
9 pieces, bone china w. roses on yellow background P04.041.1 Tea set
wide brim , black velvet w. ostrich feathers, circa 1915? P96.095.1 Hat
burgundy velvet w. separate jacket, white trim, open front, fasteners?, prob 1940s P96.096.1 Dress
Canada goose mounted in flight 2006.025.1 Goose
mounted, white piebald, killed Essex County 2006.025.2 Deer
wooden peg with leather strap L97.112.1 Corn shucker
metal, for milk Simon Dairy, 25 inches high L97.112.2 Can
artifacts dug at Ritchie House, Tappahannock L97.113.1 Case
w. wooden handle 2005.011.05 Egg beater
"Ade-o-matic", 8 1/2 in dia, wooden handle 2005.011.06 Pot shield
14 metal 2005.011.07 Cookie cutters
corn pudding, yellow crockery 2005.011.08 Pudding mold
tin 2005.011.09 Steamer
drip coffee, five pieces, white enamel w. black trim 2005.011.010 Pot
Universal, 2 pieces 2005.011.011 Juicer
white enamel w. red trim, has cover 2005.011.012 Dish
Juice-o-mat, 1920s 2005.011.013 Juicer
round design with push button to drop sides 2005.024.1 Toaster
white glazed pottery w. decoration, 9 pieces, one plate is broken 2005.026.1 Tea set
board w. shards of glass and pottery, pipe stems , glued on, dug up in flower beds in front of Woman's club building on Prince Street, dont know when or who dug 2005.027.1 Shard
eight blocks, wooden, cubic, 1 1/2 in, painted w. alpahabet and designs 2005.030.1 Block
four, carved wood, 3 African animals and a water bird 2005.030.2 Animal
carpenters, Tappahannock Building Supply promotion 2005.031.1 Apron
carpenter's, Tappahannock Building Supply promotion 2005.031.2 Apron
"Al's" Restaurant souvenir, 1950s 2005.032.1 Mug
paper w. photo of "Jesus in the Garden" Anderton's Department Store propmotion 2005.032.2 Fan
carpenters, Tapp. bldg. supply promo, donor unknown 2005.031.3 Apron
Coast Guard, c. 1900, w. sword sash and epaulettes, belonged to Edward Wright 2006.026.1 Uniform
Card w. owner info attached P01.003.1 Bustle
sheef of samples of asphalt roofing shingles available at Ware's Store, Texaco brand, 1950s? 2005.086.1 Shingle
Boy's black and white, early 20th C., leather w. buttons, belonged to James Ware 2005.086.2 Shoes
wooden 12 in. dia, salt herring roe , Tidewater brand, metal handle and stays 2005.086.3 Bucket
bronze, from Leonard Henley's Drug Store, corner of Prince St. and Rt. 17 2005.088.1 Mortar
green glass, 3 1/2 in , Peoples Drug Store, Tappahannock, Dr. Pole 2005.088.2 Bottle
clear glass, 160 cc, plastic screw cap, for cough syrup or other liquid medicine 2005.088.3 Bottle
round green glass, silver wire frames 2005.088.4 Glasses, sun
iron, hand forged, 4 in broken 2005.088.5 Spike
iron, hand forged, 9 1/2 in , curved, spike ? or shutter guard? 2005.088.6 Spike
iron, hand forged, 4 in 2005.088.7 Guard, shutter
from old Southside Bank building , was located where courthouse is now 2005.088.8 Brick
13, some square cut, hand forged? from Deshields house, Tappaahnnock 2005.088.9 Nails
Julius Garfinkel Co. New York box, probably belonged to Sarah Deshields Fisher, contained most ot the items in this accession 2005.033.004 Box
Presentation , 6 in long, silver w. brass, inscribed:"Presented by Paul White, DL, chairman, Essex County Council, UK, May 1992, gift to Essex County Virginia, possibly a letter opener 2005.040.1 Sword
portable, General Motors Corp. electric, belonged to John Foley's mother 2005.043 Machine, sewing
British ordnance, dated 1916, used on unruly passengers ? has projecting scrrrrrew "keys" on each cuff that were removed to secure cuff 2005.044 Handcuffs
metal and leather, 41/2 in long, possibly a corn sheller? 2005.045 Corn shucker
hand forged open 2005.046 Wrench
iron, conserved, 4 in by 5 in 2005.048.1 Stirrup
round lenses green glass 2005.049.1 Glasses, sun
brass, WWI era, with blue braided roping, 9In. long, marked J.W. York and SonsGrand Rapids Mich, 1917? 2005.051.1 Bugle
leather with brass bit U.S. Army insignia 2005.052 Bridle
web, WWI era 2005.053 Belt
WW I , dated 1918, aluminum, one half of kit, lid missing 2005.054 Kit, mess
WW II 2005.056 Book,ration
WW II, US Army field ration K, breakfast unit, cardboard package containing a can of chopped ham and eggs and a fruit bar in a cardboard package 2005.051.2 Unit, ration
round for checkers P97.008.1 Board
wooden body, painted w. calico dress, 12 in. long, articulated at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees w. pegs, wood appears to be pine or spruce, paint and wood look relatively recent , paint has "antiqued" look ; said to be "Deutch" or "Dutch" style, age and origin not verified; appears to be a reproduction P97.024.1 Doll
metal painted, approx 6 in by 9 in, w. 6 inserted boxes approx 3 in x 3 in , marked w. accn # P97.025.1 Box, spice
Cavalry saber, approx 24 in long, found at Lowry's Point, given to Carroll Garnett by Bill Albaugh, from Frank Sale (?) very rusted, broken guard, Pythian cap, leather wrap gone P97.027.1 Sword
24 in. long 2006.025.3 Pelt, raccoon
folk art church with tower, on base, wood and shingles, painted white and green, date and builder unknown, probably 1930s or 1940s; has olive branch? over doors purchased at a Strasburg VA antique mall, 2006 2007.01.1 Model
three, quill pens, used for writing 2007.02.1 Quills, porcupine
From Moore's Field Tapp, . 1949, by Jerry Faison, field now the Diamond 2007.04.1 Baseball
for, War Bonds, black leather 2007.03.1 Holder
Sidney King oil on canvas, 28 x 34 in , signed Sidney King 76 (1976) of Dr. Malin, one of founders of Riverside Hospital, Tapp. 2007.05.1 Portrait
16 items in display case, 6 1/4 x 8 1/4 in, incl. buttons coins, bullets from home of Col Davis, Millers Tavern, Civil War era, dug by Joe Johnston on Ball Lumber co. Property w. permission 2007.06.1 Artifacts
U.S. Army Feild Ration Unit K 2005.059.1 Box
Field Ration Fruit Bar 2005.059.2 Fruit Bar
Chopped Beef ration 2005.059.3 Can
WWI Commemorative Medallion Verdun-Brass in French 2005.063 Medal, Commemorative
4 Signal Corps Flags 2005.067 Flag
Philippine 20 Pesos note 2005.068.1 Money
Japanese Govt. $1 Bill 2005.068.2 Money
Japanese Govt. 1 rupee 2005.068.3 Money
Japanese Govt. 50 centavos 2005.068.4 Money
Japanese 1 cen golden 2005.068.5 Money
Philippine 10 centavos note 2005.068.6 Money
Peeler's Check "H & S" "1" 2005.072 Coin
Two Lowery's 60th Anniversary Stickers 2005.073 Stickers
lug wrench from a 1916-17 Model T Ford 2007.07a Tool Wrenches
wooden ironing board 2007.1 Board, Ironing
wooden cement trowel 2007.08.2 Trowel
Animal cane 2007.08.1 Cane
Canning Funnel 2007.08.3 Funnel
1 cookie cutter, tin , rectangular with fluted edge 2007.08.4 Cutter
Tapp. Tricentennial Plate 1982; a second Tricentennial plate was purchased at the Warsaw, VA flea market on 27 October 2015 by curator David Jett fo $.50 cents, marked "2015" on back and stored with 2007.12 in Box 49 2007.12 Plate Tappahannock Tricentennial Plate
dress 2007.14.1 Clothing
room key numbers with lariot 2007.15.1 Key card
Stuffed Bobcat 2007.16.1 Animal
Stuffed Mallard Duck 2007.16.2 Animal
Stuffed Hooded Merganser Duck 2007.16.3 Animal
Stuffed Beaver 2007.16.4 Animal
Spittoon 2007.17 Spittoon
Blouse 2007.14.2 Clothing
orange skirt 2007.14.3a Clothing
Brown skirt 2007.14.3b Clothing
doll made by man in Richmond 2007.18 Doll
blue flowered dress 2007.14.4 Clothing
pink dress 2007.14.5 Clothing
brown lined dress with collar 2007.14.6 Clothing
brown silky blouse 2007.14.7 Clothing
blue and white blouse 2007.14.08 Clothing
tie halter top 2007.14.09 Clothing
one piece shorts set 2007.14.10 Clothing
pair of socks 2007.14.11 Clothing
2 old stamps 2007.14.12 Stamps
old coin purse 2007.14.13 Purse
metal, party favor, painted blue, probably 1930s 0r 1940s 2007.14.14 Horn
1940's stamp and stamp pad 2007.07.4 Stamp
room key number with lariot 2007.15.1b Key card
roll of Mark-Haven Beach tickets 2007.15.3 Tickets
Mark-haven Beach room number plaque, room 82 2007.15.4a Room number
Mark-Haven Beach room number plaque, room 93 2007.15.4b Room number
blue blotter 2007.23a Blotter
pink blotter 2007.23b Blotter
clipboard 2007.23.3 Clipboard
large ladle 2005.9 Tool
Dental Records - 2 books 1
Dental chair w/rinse bowl 3
Stool 2
Foor oprated treadle dental drill 4
Victor X Ray Unit w/mounting board, Circa 1929 5
Victor Dental X-Ray unit operative manual 6
Eleven (11) dental extract insturments 7
One (1) mouth prop 8
Wooden Box w/drill bits 9
Cabinet w/revolving trays and drawers (one small drawer missing) 10
Two (2) cement mixing glass blocks w/ three (3) mixing implements 11
Six year old childs articulator 12
Skull/book figurene 13
Glass vile 14
Densenstizing paste 15
Tooth seperator 16
Wax for making dentures and bite impressions 18
Articular paper 20
Devitalizer with creasote 21
Partai jaw bone 22
Spool of floss 23
Saw 24
Wooden tool holder 25
Hand held mirror 26
Cotton wads 27
Stain remover 28
Box - chenically pure tin foil 29
Two (2) metal dental molds 31
Three (3) plastic teeth sets 30
Package of impression powder 32
Upper denture w/four (4) teeth in envelope 33
Tube of denture creme (1) 34
Packages of denture cleaner (4) 35
X-rays of H.P.Grishom 36
Box of boric acid (1) 37
Box of hydrochloride (1) 38
Box of Osogen caulk 39
Metal applicator (1) 40
Bpb-open (1) 41
Jectrom Tissu-blend 42
One (1) drawer w/three empty bottles; Osogen booklet (1); Mercury bath thermometer (1); Tube caulk sticky (1) and various small artifacts 43
One (1) chair (standard) w/leather seat 44
One (1) chair, swivel and height adjustable w/leather seat 45
Cabinet-two glass door shelf, marble top and drawers 46
Eighteen (18) bottles, empty 47
Two (2) bottles of inknown content (brown and pink) 48
One (1) green jar 49
One (1) jar Hydrozets 50
Two (2) metal medicine containers 51
One (1) metal stand w/2 alagator clips 52
One (1) copr-zinc 53
Three (3) Coca Cola glasses 54
Jar - oil of cloves (1) 55
Box of Gynergen tablets (1) 56
One (1) bite block 57
One (1) cannister - Thermodent 58
Aluminum Chloride (1) 59
Two (2) alcohol burners 60
Bunsen trype burner w/pot 61
Drawer w/dental tools 62
Drawer w/wax, glass top and cloth bag 63
Drawer w/equipment for fillings 64
Drawer w/drill tools and parts 65
Drawer w/anesthesia material 66
Drawer w/wicks, burner, one (1) x-ray film w/clip 67
Drawer w/denture materials 68
Drawer w/dental tools and parts 69
Drawer w/cotton roll gauze 70
Drawer w/rubber stamps (2), index seperators, pen, cigars (2), plastic ruler, dry lubricant, ink pen, campaign button 71
Drawer w/orthodonics material 72
Drawer w/two (2) tool trays 73
Drawer w/crown and bridges material 74
Drawer w/three (3) tool trays 75
Drawer w/denture teeth in metal holder 76
Drawer w/dental tools in tray, ointments, powder, hone w/leather holder 77
Drawer w/bag of extracted teeth, light bulbs (2) and misc. items 78
Drawer w/bag of metal articles, x-rays, pamphlets and forms 79
Drawer w/manuals 80
Four (4) cold sterilizers (one w/three tools and squeeze applicators) 81
One dental sign 82
Wooden mortar 2006.91.02 Tool
potato masher, ricer type with holes, 10 x 3 in 2007.28 Kitchen ware
stationary from the desk of R. W. Watts 2006.011.156 Stationary
Angel Visit Baptist Church Usher badge 2005.075.32 Badge
Southside Bank Thermometer 2007.32 Thermometer
Aunt Jane Brand Old Virginia Brunswick Stew, label Note: These two labels appear to have been cataloged twice. need to research early records on spreadsheet. P99.095.2 Label
Aunt Jane Brand Old Virginia Tomato Juice Cocktail, label Note : these two labels appear to have been cataloged twice. P99.095.3 Label
poster of Liberty Bell Shrine Club, 1976, drawing 2007.35 Poster
plow 2007.33 Tool
copper, ceiling, for one light bulb, from Willow Green, 1908, home of Tappahannock mayor DeShields, globe missing 2006.002.2 Fixture, light
silk, 33x48 in. 51 blue stars on white ground w. red border 2007.37 Banner
cast iron, 7 1/2 in long 2007.38.1 Meat tenderizer
cast iron, 6 1/2 in long, used to straighten and set teeth of a saw 2007.38.2 Saw set
baby feeding , clear glass, 8 oz., 5 1/2 in. high 2007.40.1 Bottle
vacuum jar cap, "Miracle", stainless steel, 5 1/2 in. long 2007.40.2 Opener
can, steel, 6 5/8 in. long 2007.40.3 Opener
oill can, w. spout, steel, 7 in. long 2007.40.4 Opener
wooden, marked "Ben Franklin Store, Rappahannock Shopping Center, Tappahannock, VA, 22560," date unknown 2007.41.1 Yardstick
50 on three panels 2007.45 Photograph
for making french fries, metal with wooden pusher, 10 in. lonmg by 3 in. wide by 1 1/2 in. high 2007.49.1 Potato slicer
metal "Genuine Safety Grater", 13 in. by 5 1/4 in. wire 2007.49.2 Grater
watch w. case, English, solid silver with hallmarks, very rare watch paper from E.S. Butler, clock and watch maker, Lynchburg VA, marked when repaired in Tappahannock in 1849 2007.36.1 Watch, pocket
mounted Red Fox from Essex County 2007.5 Animal
1 oil painting, Essex Airprt, airplane 2007.59 Painting
Lucy Gray Lucy Gray needlework picture, "Descent from Cross" See page 47 of "Quilts of Virginia" 2007.63.2 picture, Needlework
Trott miniature portrait of Dr. Thos. Gray by Benjamin Trott Wooden box for miniature is in document room; has documentation from a family owner, Charlotte Offley 2007.63.1 Painting
key to the town of Tappahannock, VA 2007.65 Key
musket ball and 5 "modern" bullets 2007.67 Bullet
pie pan, "crusty pie" 2007.61.3 Plate
Jamestown Expo. 1907 notepad P97.081.13 Notepad
John Holland pencil, patent May 23'1882 P97.081.14 Pencil
Crazy Style w. Garfield Campaign ribbons L2008.4.1 Quilt
Crazy style with embroidered flowers L2008.4.2 Quilt
Square, for crazy quilt, w. trapunto rose L2008.4.3 Square
Small, patchwork, for a doll's bed returned to Mr. collins not in our collection L2008.4.4 Quilt
clear, 1 qt. 81/2 in tall, Pet Dairy Products Co. 2008.02.1 Bottle, milk
clear, 1 qt. "baby face" has chamber at top for cream, 1940s 2008.02.2 Bottle, milk
Mason, 91/4 in. high, aqua, "patent Nov. 30th, 1858" 2008.02.3 Jar
Black Metal Model T Running Lamp 2008.05.1 Lamp
"1/4 Gal. USS Standard Approved" Metal oil can. 7 1/2 inches tall with handle. 2008.05.2 Can
Wooden Dipstick "Pump & Tank Company, Inc. Richmond, VA" 65 1/2 inches tall Probably used to measure gas level at gas station 2008.05.3 Stick, Measuring
"Ford USA" steel wrench 2008.05.5 Wrench
3" metal "Stea_ns 3 in" 2008.05.4 Clamp
Light Bulb 2008.02.6 Bulb
certificate given to Richard Matusek, sailor aboard the U.S.S. Tappahannock when crossing 180 degree Meridian and equator, Nov 22, 1943; framed 2008.10.1 Certificate
"Broil-o-mat" aluminum P04.039 Cooker
License Plate 1950 or 1960 - Rescue Squad - Tappahannock Ladies Auxiliary 2008.22.1 License Plate
Harness stretcher 2008.17.1 Harness
leather knife 2008.17.2 Knife
piece of leather 2008.17.3 Leather
Barq's Root Beer Bottle clear glass. 21/2" dia. x 91/2" high. marked, "Dr. Pepper, Tappahannock, VA" 2008.26.10 Bottle
Remington Rand Adding Machine, early 2008.27 Adding machine
Whet stone, used to sharpen knives, axes, etc... 45/8" x 1" x 1/2" 2008.29.5 Whet stone
Fourteen Oyster Shell buttons, prob. 1850-1900. 2008.29.4 Buttons
13 pre-Civil War clay marbles, various sizes 2008.29.3 Marbles
mallet, wooden. for boat building or woodworking, 41/2" x 16" 2008.29.2 Mallet
Iron Raft Dog, for joining the ends of adjacent logs to build a raft, wrought iron, 1" x 14 3/8". 2008.29.1 Iron Raft Dog
slave woman's head dress of white cotton muslin (?) circa 1850. (?) 2008.35 Head dress
Keystone 8mm model K27 "Capri" 2008.36.1 Movie Camera
Bell and Howell 8mm movie projector ca. 1940s., model no. 253A, serial no. H-79485 2008.36.2 Movie Projector
1 fossil, large marine scallop, Chesapecten Jeffersonius, State fossil of Virginia 2008.39 Fossil
1 gray scarf, silk, brought back from WWII 2008.40.1 Scarf
2 pair small glass salt & pepper shakers brought back from WWII 2008.40.2 Salt & Pepper shakers
6 table knives with plastic handles made to look like bone. 6 forks with plastic handles, (5 match knives, one is different) 2008.40.3 Table knives & forks
11 in high by 17 in dia, wooden bushel? basket, metal handles, pink and purple ribs 2008.30.3 Basket
21 Civil war era bullets 2008.2 Bullet
biscuit cutter, round, tin 2007.08.5 Cutter
Windsor Lake Dairy, Golden Gurnsey trademark paper milk bottle, tapered, 9 1/2 in high L97.070.1 Bottle
milk bottle, Golden Gurnsey, Tappahannock, clear glass, 9 1/2 in high L97.070.2 Bottle
same as P97.070.2 L97.070.3 bottle
milk, Farmers Creamery, clear glass, 8 1/2 in high, Fredericksburg, one quart L97.070.4 bottle
milk, Farmers Creamery, clear glass, 8 1/2 in high, Fredericksburg "finest bottle..." L97.070.5 bottle
milk, Zellers, pint, clear glass L97.070.6 bottle
clear glass, 6 1/2 in high w. tin lid, "Schram Automated Sealer" 2009.08.1 Jar
"Ball Perfect Mason" aqua glass w. glass and metal lid, 6 3/4 in high 2009.08.2 Jar
Delco, wood case, short wave and broadcast 2009.1 Radio
pair of Indian clubs, early 20th c or late 19th, P97.081.10 Club
Tappahannock Furniture Store propmotion P04.009.1 Opener, bottle
Tobacco plug cutter used in country store, etc. Reading Hardware Co. , cast iron 2009.28 Cutter
Wooden Doll House ca1930s,electrified, removable roof ; found in New Jersey. 2009.04.1 Doll House
"Faith of a Child" 1949 Anderton's paper fan 2009.06.1 Paper Fan
"Last Supper" Anderton's paper fan 2009.06.2 Paper Fan
Historic Christ Church Fan 2009.06.3 Fan
French's Calendar, 1958 with artwork and recipes; also in folder a French'spull-apart bread wrapper, date may be 1988 2009.06.4 Calendar
Tappahannock Motor Company Key Chain 2009.06.5 Key Chain
One ticket for Derieux Store 2009.06.6 Ticket
Tappahannock High School Baseball Cap 2009.06.8 Baseball Cap
small lot of crochet trim with tag from Anderton's Department Store, white and green. 2009.06.9 Crochet trim
22 generic v-mail envelopes 2009.07.4 Envelope
Victorian era walnut sofa. 2009.36.1 Settee
Victorian era walnut armchair 2009.36.2 Armchair
Victorian era walnut armchair 2009.36.3 Armchair
Victorian era walnut side chair 2009.36.4 Side chair
Victorian era walnut side chair 2009.36.5 Side Chair
Victorian era walnut side chair 2009.36.6 Side Chair
Victorian era walnut side chair 2009.36.7 Side Chair
wrench from model t ford 2007.07b wrench
Cast iron and wood child's school desk "The Boston" Chandler 1892-97 P99.094.2 Desk
tea, cast iron, black , 19th C. P97.109.1 Kettle
List of Known African American Postmasters, 1800s, William Breedlove also on list 2009.35.4 List
Czech, WW II, sportorized P97.063.9 Rifle
1930s Downing bridge P97.041.11 Postcard
ink. clear glass, early 20th C. 2006.023.012 Bottle
Esther Rice Bowlers Rock Lighthouse, signed "Rice, '91" lower right, oil on canvas, 18 by24 in. in Frame 2009.53 Painting
wooden, late 19th C, From Latane-Lewis-Osburn House, Tappa. 2009.32 Mantel
cast metal wagon wheel wrench 2009.37.1 Wrench
wooden washing paddle or stirring paddle 2009.37.2 Washing paddle
scissors sharpener 2009.37.3 Sharpener
with Thermometer, Tappahannock Building Supplier, W.C. Brooks & Son, circa 1930. "Everything to Build with Phone 66" 2009.42 Promotional Mirror
green glass 18th century or early 19th century rum or spirits bottle. 8 3/4 in high; 3 3/4 in diameter bottom; 2 1/4 in neck. 2009.45 Bottle
Colonial style hanging pipe box, reproduction, painted wood w/drawer. 2009.5 Pipe Box
9 reproduction colonial clay pipes for use in display; 4 long, 1 short, 4 pipe bowls (Pamplin Pipe Co.) to be used w/reeds. not marked 2009.51 Clay Pipes
mold for making lead sinkers for fishing 2009.64.4 Mold
hog scraper to remove the hair, round sheet metal discs on each end of wooden handle 5 1/8" long 2009.64.1 Hog scraper
cast iron can opener, 5 1/2" long 2009.64.2 Can opener
horse shoe 2009.64.3 Horse shoe
ice pick 8" long wth wooden handle marked "Tappahannock Locket Plant, Crushed Ice, Fish Bait, Phone Hillcrest 3-2900, Virginia Ice and Coal Co., Inc" 2009.67.2 Ice pick
Ford Wrench - date undetermined 2009.72 Wrench
"Mark Haven Beach, Tappahannock, VA" Red felt pennant with bathers, ca 1940s. 17"x 6 1/2" 2009.75 Pennant/flag
Apron, carpenter's; ca 1945; "Brooks and Sow, Inc.Lumber&Building Supplies 2009.77 Carpenter's apron
Clothes, Baby: 6 bonnets; 11 pairs shoes and booties; 1 pair gloves; 1 odd shoe and glove; 13 coats and knitted outfits; 3 pairs pants; 1 quilt, several blankets; 1 tablecloth w/ handwork pictures 8 dresses (Box 86) 1 home-sewn brown wool coat (Box 36) 2009.78.1 Clothes, baby's, other baby items
Sewing box w/picture lid, ca 1940s, belonged to Lucille Portlock 2009.78.2 Bottle
Webb, English soda water bottle, torpedo shaped, in wooden rack 2009.78.4 Bottle
gold w/chain; inscription:"Presented to Supt. W G Rennolds by Essex Co Colored Teachers" 2010.03 Watch
1 framed water color painting of Essex Courthouse & Clerk's Office, by Donald R. Johnson 2010.09 Painting
wrought iron gate or door hook 2010.18.1 Hook
wrought iron pot hook 2010.18.2 Pot hook
pincher (tongs);for grasping pans(?); written on handle,"Do not pinch enameled pans,just lift; steel 2010.18.3 Pot tongs
"The Last Farewell," Gen. Lee and Gen. Jackson; framed 2010.19 Print
1 Native American axe head, grey stone, highly polished, 3"x7"x1.5" 2010.21 Axe head
men's straw "boater" hat, ca early 1900s 2010.22 Men's straw hat
dug up in Tappahannock; is stamped "Richmond" on underside of handle. 2010.23.1 Ladle
1 Army vest Korean period w/ 1 plastic bottle; was probably for medications 2010.23.2 Army vest
antique blacksmith hoof rasp 2010.24 Hoof rasp
Slant top desk,yellow pine,ca 1840s,23"wx31"high,made by great(?) grandfather of Patricia Smith of Aylett 2010.27 Desk
w/ picture of Jesus entering Jerusalem; advertisement for Anderton's Dept.Store,ca 1955 2010.32 Fan, paper
1 student's slate, ca. late 19th or early 20th c.,7..84" x 8.75"in,cracked 2010.33 Slate, student's
Tappahannock Century III pin 2010.37 Century pin
Chinese export mug w/ braided handle, black & gold decorations,ca 1775 2009.82.2 Mug
2 wedding gowns belonging to Lucy Hundley, his grandmother. 2010.05.1 Clothing
2 wedding gowns belonging to Mr. Hundley's mother. 2010.05.2 Clothing
patented 1902 2009.59 Wrench
"How Much Do You Weigh" drugstore scales from Tappahannock Drugstore 2010.4 Scales
18"x54" plastic "Tappahannock Airport W79" sign 2010.42 Sign
Turtle Shell 2010.41 Turtle Shell
Jacket of Major Marion Charnock 2010.43.1 U.S. Army Jacket
6Gold Uniform decorations in shape of Palm Tree 1 in shape of star belonging to Major Marion Charnock 2010.43.2 Uniform Decorations
Bank of Essex Coin Purse 2010.43.3 Coin Purse
Tate's Restaurant, Tappahannock, VA ca 1920s-30s 2010.43.4 Matchbook Cover
Perk's Coffee Shop & Restaurant, Tappahannock 1940s-1950s 2010.43.5 Matchbook Cover
Triangle Inn Restaurant Amoco Gas & Oils 1 mile south of Tappahannock, VA with tourist overnight cabins "Food for You and Your Car" 1930s-1940s 2010.43.6 Matchbook Cover
Tappahannock High School Warriors school book covers, compliments of Bank of Essex; copyrighted 1962, dated 1964 2010.43.7 Book Cover
wooden box w. sliding top w. dominoes, white w. black dots P97.012.2 Dominoes
48 1/2 inches wide by 77 inches high. Southern yellow pine. 2011.01 Wardrobe
Scale for weighing cotton from Caroline County, Virginia. Bought at auction, 25 inches long with bell-shaped weight. Rusty metal. 2011.04 Scale
cast iron; hand and lap held; bought at auction 2011.05 Mold, shoe repair
1 page; Tappahannock Jockey Club Races subscription from a book in the Virginia Historical Society. 2011.06 Copy
metal, painted, 5 in diameter x 1/2 high, 2009.20.2 Tray, ash
wooden handle, 7 in long, bottle gas, frozen foods, printed on handle 2009.20.3 Ice pick
Enamel, 9 1/2 in diameter x 4 in high 2009.21.1 Collander
alumininum, 2in diameter x 1 in high 2009.21.2 Tea ball
Wooden, 8 3/4 diameter 2009.21.3a Bowl
Food, metal, 7 x 6 1/2 in 2009.21.3b Chopper
metal with glass jar, 6 1/2 x 3 in 2009.21.4 Chopper, nut
ceramic, 4 3/4 in diameter x 2 1/2 in 2009.21.5a Mortar
ceramic with wooden handle, 8 1/2 x 2in diameter 2009.21.5b Pestle
nutmeg, metal, 6 1/4 x 2 1/2 2009.21.6 Grater
glass, 14 x 3 in diameter 2009.21.7 Pin, rolling
cabbage, used to make coleslaw and sauerkraut, wooden & metal, 21 x 7 x 1 1/2 2009.21.8 Shreader
wooden, 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 diameter 2009.22 Darner, sock
wooden & metal, Charnock Implement Truck Co. Inc., 4 1/2 in 2009.23.1 Pencil
glass, At's Tappahannock,Va picture of sailor, 3 x 3 in. diameter 2009.23.2 Mug
Reisinger's Marina Hoskins Creek, rusty orange and beige, plastic 2009.23.3 Keychain, floating
from newspaper, Tappahannock, Virginia, newspaper add 2009.23.5 Notice, Parkers Garage
Lankford's Radio & TV, Tappahannock, VA., glass with red writing 2009.23.9 Tray, glass ash
Lankford's TV & Appliance, peach paper, with pencil holder: metal; wooden 2009.23.10 Pencil, tag
Lowery's Restaurant, Tappahannock VA. popular, in the 1950s, 2009.23.6 Post card
C.A. Gresham Insurance Agency, Waterlane Tappahannock, VA., Organization since 1914, rectangluar-shaped, red, white and brown 2009.23.4 Calendar
1960s, Ware's Store General Merchandise, thick and peach paper with black writing, Dunnsville, VA 2009.23.7 Pad, receipt
Carter-Venable Company, to Soybean Growens, 1958, Richmond to J.G. Fogg, Minor, VA 2009.23 Post card notice
Brodersen's Jewelers, Warsaw, VA and Tappahannock, VA, 22 sticks: white on top of sticks, wooden, blue box with photo of angel 2009.23.12 Matches
Florentine Restaurant Seafood- steaks, Tappahannock, VA, seven sticks white on top, photo of restaurant on back, brownish and greenish 2009.23.13 Matches
West Virginia, James H. Fogg 2011.08.1 Union Army Medal
U.D.C. Cross of F. Fisher 2011.08.2 U.D.C. Cross
Commerative medal, J.E.B. Stuart, Richmond, Virginia 2011.08.3 Confederate Medal
From William G. Northern sending 10 bags meal to Fort Lowery 2011.09.1 Letter
From Mitchell & Tyler, Richmond, VA for watch repair 2011.09.2 Receipt
For uniform, Essex Sharp Shooters, Thomas A. Morse 2011.09.3 Receipt
From P.A. Sandy, Quartermaster, Fort Lowery, sending blank forms for monthly forage 2011.09.4 Letter
belonging to Robert G. Haile 2011.09.5 Powder Horn
Doll furniture, 23 pieces, handmade, circa 1930s 2009.04.2 Doll furniture
glass, red paint, Peoples Drug Store, Tappahannock, VA 2009.23.8 Tray, ash
in metal frame, 1966, Tappahannock, VA, 2 1/2 x 3 inches 2009.24.1 Calender
Ms. Dorris Fogg, Dr. Chinn, 1941, 2 3/8 x 1 1/2 x 1/2 2009.24.2 Box, pill
Mrs. Dorris Broaddus, 1958, Dr. Chinn, glass, 3 x 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 dia 2009.24.3 Bottle, pill
Peoples drugs store, maybe 1950s or 1960s 2009.24.4 Matches, book
from JT Harris store, 1960s 2009.26.1 Machine, check writing
"Marvel" by Wilson and Jones Company, ca 1920s 2009.26.2 Punch, paper
hanging 2009.26.3 Dispenser and strings
round tin with lid, "Dennison's Paper Fasteners" 2009.26.4 Container
Jessie Gaines and Emma Curtis, Baltomore, MD, frame, October 24, 1906, 15 3/4 x 19 in 2009.34.1 Certificate, marriage
frame, 17 x 19 1/2, Robert Rougie and Lucy Edwards, Baltomore, MD, November 13, 1901 2009.34.2 Certificate, marriage
Lancaster High School, 1928, of Ruby Theresa Pitman (Mrs. Elmer Doggett) of Tappahannock 2011.16.02 Diploma, High School
State Teachers College, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1931, 0f Ruby T. Pittman (Mrs. Elmer Dogget) of Tappahannock 2011.16.03 Diploma, College
Tappahannock High School, Adult Education Department, 3 semester hours in Developmental Reading, of Ruby Pittman (sic) Doggett 2011.16.04 Certificate
from Safeway Store (grocery), Tappahannock, "Elmer Doggett, Manager of this store welcomes your suggestions" 2011.16.06 Sign
from W. Beale Delano, Warsaw, VA. to Elmer Doggett, Tappahannock, VA. congratulating him on his retirement as manager of the Tappahannock Safeway grocery store, April 5, 1973 2011.16.07 Letter
"Sanitary Store Changes Name to 'Safeway Stores' " prob. Rappahannock Times, no date, probably 1950s. 2011.16.09 Clipping, newspaper
From Bowlers Rock Lighthouse; recovered from shore downstream after lighthouse was destroyed in an ice storm in 1918. 2011.18 Rolling pin
Uniform coat 2011.11a. Coat
Uniform trousers 2011.11b. Trousers
Uniform Tie 2011.11c. Tie
Uniform belt 2011.11d. Belt
Uniform hat 2011.11e. Hat
4 mother of pearl buttons 2011.12a. Buttons
2 mother of pearl buckles 2011.12b Buckles
Young girl's,cotton with pink trim and embroidered cat,ca. 1920s-30s 2011.29.01 Dress
Seven glass items including an eye cup, inkwell, milk bottle, etc. 2011.24 Glass items
Glass decanter with glass stopper. 2011.23 Glass decanter
Black glass bee or liquor 2011.30.2 Civil War liquor
Redware with hunting scene, English 2011.30.1 Mustard pot
Small vial of nuggets panned from the Rappahannock River 2011.30.3 Gold
2011.30.4 Ship's Lantern
Black Bear Rug shot in western Virginia near the West Virginia line by donor's husband. Has head and feet. 2011.31 Rug
Cardboard with wooden handle and pictures, "A Favorite Bouquet", Anderton's Department Store, Inc. 2011.32.1 Fan
Cardboard with wooden handle and picture of young girl praying, "Faith of a Child", "Courtesy of T.D. Marks" with Tappahannock and Warsaw telephone numbers; funeral home. Dated 1949. 2011.32.2 Fan
In frame, "Wilkerson Hardware", Francis Wilkerson, proprietor, Small 1964 calendar attached to back to be given away at Christmas. 2011.32.3 Thermometer
Gray-green translucent glass with printed picture of the bank. 2011.36.2 Ashtray "Bank of Essex"
Reproduction; has piping in gold to denote cavalry. 2011,37.1 Union kepi
55th Virginia Infantry 2011.37.2 Confederate kepi
Infantry -- no scabbard 2011.37.3 Sword
Artillery, French, Mexcian war era, possibly used in Mexico. 2011.37.4 Sword
Hat was made in Edinburg. Case is probably original to the hat. 2011.39 Top hat with leather carrying case
young girl's, white sea island type cotton with white embroidery on bodice, ca 1920s-30s 2011.29.02 Dress
young girl's, yellow organza party dress,ca 1920s,30s,hand sewn 2011.29.03 Dress
Young girl's summer,sheer white patterned organza,possibly one of a pair,"Big and Little Sister" 2011.29.04a Dress
mini Civil War era bullets 2011.33 Bullets
Print "Burial of Latane" in walnut frame (or other wood?) outside dimensions of frame33x40 inches 2011.03 Print
girl's sheer organza, white, possibly big and little sister pair 2011.29.04b Dress
2011.29.05 Dress
very young girl's pale yellow cotton summer dress with black trim, hand sewn, circa 1930s 2011.29.09 Dress
young girls pink silk with lace trim,Bremen and Tanner 2011.29.08 Coat
infant's white cotton sleeping attire, 1950s probably 2011.29.07 Sleeper
bonnets, six young girls', fancy and casual,circa 1940s or earlier,hand sewn 2011.29.10 Bonnet
young child's, 1920s-30s 2011.29.06 Sunsuit
young girl's long sleeve long white rayon, circa 1920s-30s 2011.29.11 Dress
young girl's pale pink cotton eyelet summer, circa 1920s-30s 2011.29.12 Dress
young girl's underwear,quilted,pink with open back 2011.29.15 Bloomers
young girl's pink with lace 2011.29.16 Bra
shoe,brown high top,young child's,circa 1930s or 20s 2011.29.17 Shoe
young girl's pair of sheer blue organza sleeves 2011.29.18 Sleeve
baby's, white, like crochet, machine made ,white,1930s or 40s 2011.29.13 Blanket
blue and white stripe,women's, possible Suzie Warner Maddox's,small 2011.29.14 Overalls
"Monopoly" style board game with names of local businesses; also has county government, school and family data. 2012.01.9 Game The Game of Essex County, Virginia
One gallon glass bottle with label, contained Dr. Pepper syrup made in Tappahannock. 2012.03 Bottle
One C.S.A. bill 2012.10.1 Bill
One C.S.A. bill 2012.10.2 Bill
One C.S.A. bill 2012.10.3 Bill
One C.S.A. bill 2012.10.4 Bill
One C.S.A. bill 2012.10.5 Bill
One C.S.A. bill 2012.10.6 Bill
Tidewater Memorial Hospital token 2012.10.7 Wooden token
Lucy Yates Wellford Gray including leaf and floral designs for eyelet work, borders and corners, handmade templates for edgings, collars and sleeves, plain letters for canvas or perforated paper embroidery, scroll borders and motifs plus 5 shield and cross motifs 2011.10.01 Embroidery patterns 30 hand drawn embroidery patterns
Lucy Y.W. Gray Has tassel cord handle. Center silk panel is hand painted with blue flowers and outlined in feather stitch. Bag is lined with blue silk. 2011.10.02 Bag Brown velvet bag
Erik Henrick Nylin In a small leather case marked "Dr. George W. Thomas, Optometrist, located at the Wanamaker Store, Philadelpha, Pa." The portrait is in a gold frame with a loop for a chain. 2011.10.03 Portrait Lucy Y.W. Gray
Used by Mary Carter Brockenbrough. Monogrammed "M.B." One of two given to Lucy Knox Marie in Feb. 1955. 2011.10.17 Spoon Silver egg spoon
Used by Lucy Yates Wellford Gray, wife of Dr. Thomas B. Wellborn Gray of Tappahannock. Great, great, grandmother of Lucy Knox Marie. 2011.10.18 Spoon Silver egg spoon
Owned by Lucy Yates Wellford Gray. Picture locket with image of Lutie Beadles Brockenbrough. 2011.10.25a. Locket Gold locket
On which is written: Locket of Lucy Yates Wellford (Gray) (she was the first Wellford born in this country).This is her wedding ring (she married Dr. Thomas B. Wellborn Gray. This is for...(cut off) 2011.10.25b Envelope Small envelope
Small gold star, a gold oval pin mounted on a black ribbon with a gold clasp; in a small envelope 2011.10.26 Watch fob Gold watch fob
Given to Lutie Beadles Brockenbrough by her husband Capt William A. Brockenbrough, C.S.A. 2011.10.27 Bracelet Pair of bracelets
Belonged to Lutie Beadles Brockenbrough. 2011.10.28 Pin Cameo pin
Red seal with the Brockenbrough coat of arms in a small round black case. Note on the envelope reads: For Cliff Houghland from Lucy -- in case you wish to have a ring made some day. Loula Knox left her little gold ring to Sue Sale Avery, made from this impressionin St. Mortitz, Switzerland 2011.10.29a. Seal Brockenbrough coat of arms
Note on the envelope reads: Brockenbrough Coat of Arms "Sans Reculler Jamais" Never Turn Back 2011.10.29b. Envelope Small envelope
Lady's white organdy summer dress (slip w/ this cataloged as next item). 2011.29.19 Dress
Slip for dress in location 2011.29.19 2011.29.20 Dress slip
Lady's cocoa rayon blouse w/ lace collar 2011.29.21 Blouse
Lady's pink summer seersucker top 2011.29.22 Dress
Flannel large hospital-type shift. 2011.29.23 Woman's shift
Lady's under garment; black-bonned belting (Warrens) 2011.29.24 Lady's under garment
Lady's under garment--slip 2011.29.25 Lady's slip
Lady's summer sleeveless print top. 2011.29.26 Dress
Lady's pumps; black; Miller and Rhodes, Richmond, Va. 2011.29.27 Shoes
Lady's colonial pink and black print costume dress. 2011.29.29 Dress
Black silk moire skirt. 2011.29.30 Dress
Lady's black velvet dress. 2011.29.28 Dress
Lady's green synthetic silk evening dress; homemade. 2011.29.31 Dress
Lady's white brocade; late 50s "Jackie Kennedy-style; homemade shift dress. 2011.29.32 Dress
Lady's white and biege eyelet brocade dress. 2011.29.33 Dress
Lady's pale blue rayon slip or summer dress; ca. 1940s or 50s. 2011.29.34 Dress
Lady's beige 1920s rayon flapper dress w/embroidery; hand made (Mrs. Thomas Warner) 2011.29.35 Dress
Lady's 1940s burgundy red organza dress w/ brown velvet neckline ("Carolyn's" label). 2011.29.36 Dress
Lady's handmade red velvel vest w/ sash. 2011.29.37 Vest
Lady's cranberry dressing gown 2011.29.38 Dressing gown
Young lady's 1960's blue synthetic homemade brocade sailor's dress. 2011.29.39 Dress
Lady's black velvet bolero jacket. 2011.29.40 Lady's jacket
Lady's homemade purple print organza 1940's long dress w/ yellow slip. 2011.29.41 Dress
Lady's homemade flesh colored organza summer evening gown; 1920-30's. 2011.29.42 Dress
2012.15.2 Sheep Shears
Stainless steel, marked "Compliments of Milton R. Hammond, Builder" on side 2012.15.3 Cigarette lighter
Lady's pink eyelet dress with orange slip, Miss Swank label 2011.29.44 Dress
Lady's homemade long yellow organza eyelet dress, dingy 2011.29.43 Dress
Lady''s colonial pink handmade rayon dresswith lace 2011.29.45 Dress
Lady's homemade blue velvet dress with sequins 2011.29.46 Dress
Lady's taffeta black/blue/teal with large checked pattern cocktail dress 2011.29.47 Dress
Lady's black beaded organza two-piece evening dress 2011.29.48 Dress
Lady's handmade silk evening dress in turquoise with gold medallion pattern, black overskirt 2011.29.49 Dress
Lady's green flapper dress with sequins 2011.29.50 Dress
Lady's dark red silver beaded flapper dress 2011.29.51 Dress
Lady's white cotton/possibly linen long sleeved blouse with pleats and lace panel 2011.29.52 Blouse
Lady's handmade white cotton overblouse with lace 2011.29.53 Blouse
Lady's white cotton embroidered tiered skirt 2011.29.54 Skirt
Lady's ruffle front white blouse 2011.29.55 Blouse
Lady's white taffeta homemade slip 2011.29.62 Slip
Lady's white dressing gown, Trousseaux by Terris label 2011.29.56 Dressing gown
Lady's homemade creme satin evening dress with thin straps 2011.29.57 Dress
Lady's satin chartreuse evening gown 2011.29.58 Dress
Lady's two-piece salmon pink evening dress, silk beaded and jeweled in grey 2011.29.59 Dress
Lady's long sheer synthetic evening dress with ruffles at collar and hem, light blue with flowers, homemade 2011.29.60 Dress
Lady's homemade sheer pink summer dress with pink flowers 2011.29.61 Dress
Lady's blue sheer long sleeved homemade blouse with lace collar. 2011.29.63 Blouse
Lady's large sheer pink dress with black trim 2011.29.64 Dress
Lady's red sleeveless satin and organza evening dress (Fred Perlberg -- Dance Original) 2011.29.65 Dress
Lady's one piece sleeveless white cotton embroidered undergarment with legs 2011.29.66 Undergarment
Lady's white linen summer dress with embroidered or crocheted trim at neckline and sleeves 2011.29.67 Dress
Lady's black velvet evening jacket labeled "Dorothy S. Warner" 2011.29.68 Jacket
Lady's black velvet homemade jacket with wooden button and red silk trim 2011.29.69 Jacket
Lady's pink taffeta cocktail dress with lace and straps, homemade 2011.29.70 Dress
Lady's faded pink dress, sheer fabric, possibly linen 2011.29.71 Dress
Lady's large cream slip, probably rayon 2011.29.72 Slip
Three lady's homemade bras 2011,29.73 Bras
Three lady's homemade bras 2011.29.73 Bras
Lady's teal blue velvet cocktail dress with black and metal sequin trim, homemade 2011.29.74 Dress
Lady's homemade long beige evening dress with embroidery 2011,29.75 Dress
Lady's dressing or slipper chair made of walnut or mahogany with balloon seat. Elaborately carved with a central shell motif and flowers on the crest rail. 2012.16.1 Chair
Framed print of Upper Essex Baptist Church, from a calendar 2012.18.2 Print Upper Essex Baptist Church
Cast iron with white enamel, 8 1/2 inch diameter, 6 1/4 inches high 2012.18.3 Spitoon
Wooden ruler, 12 inches long, marked "Cardinal Pharmacy -- Ben Franklin -- Tappahannock, Va. 2012.18.4 Ruler
with base, donated by Armour and David Jett, who each contributed $75.00 to purchase for $150.00 from a California company for War of 1812 exhibit in Carl D.Silver Gallery. A label is stored with the model. It is marked on the base w. accn no. The model was displayed in the center of the Gallery on a pedestal for the exhibition 2012.2 Ship model USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"
Postcard of Peoples Drug Store, Water Lane and Prince Street, Tappahannock 2012.21 Postcard Peoples Drug Store
Belonged to Julius G. Harris, Essex #126, Tappahannock, Va. Purple ribbon with inscription: "80th Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. Prince Hall affliliation of Virginia, Richmond, Va. September 20 --21--22, 1955" 2012.23.3 Masonic ribbon
Commemorative tile, 6" x 6" x 1/4", reads: "Essex County, Va. 1692 -- 1992 Tricentennial"; design is blue on white background features a sailing ship, native American and Englishman; probably sold as a fund raiser for the celebration in 1992 2012.23.4 Ceramic tile Essex County Va. 1692-1992
Medicine bottle belonging to Dr. W. Ferry, dentist of Millers Tavern; amber glass, 4 inches tall, screw top 2012.28 Bottle
Paper with items to amuse restaurant customers while they waited. Has some history of Tappahannock on the back. 2012.33 Paper Lowery's Seafood Restaurant paper
A pair of forged iron slave shackles, a reproduction of those used in the triangle trade 2012.34 Slave shackles
Of J.M. (John Micou) Terrell in the "Social, Literary, Historical and Benevolent" organization of the United Confederate Veterans as Captain and Aide de Camp on Staff, Brig. Genl. J. Thompson Brown, Comdg. 1st Brig. Va. Division, 20 April 1910. 18 1/2" x 22 1/2" including frame, appears to be original frame, no glass; ink smeared, paper yellowed and foxing, ribbon missing. Hickory Hill stood on Rt. 639 just west of Farmer's Fork. The land was once a part of the large Carpenter's Rest tract owned by the Spindle family. John "Jack" Micou Terrell built a quaint, two-story colonial frame house here in 1860. The house had hand-carved woodwork, double Cross and Bible doors, an almost square hip roof, and a high English basement. Jack Terrell enlisted on September 1, 1863 and was a lieutenant in Company B of the 30th VA Infantry during the Civil War. He was wounded on August 16, 1864 and his left leg was amputated. Despite this, he served Essex as sheriff for 30 years and was very popular. He also had three sons who became Baptist ministers, including Robert, Tyler and Dr. William Terrell. His portrait hangs in the Essex County Courthouse. 2012.36 Certificate Cetificate of Commission of John "Jack" Micou Terrell
Rix Jordan Pair of coin silver sugar tongs made by Rix Jordan, clockmaker and silversmith who worked in Essex County, 1840-1841. Marked "R. Jordan" on each handle. A script "W" is on the end. The clasps have a shell motif. May originate in Richmond or have been owned by a Richmond or Henrico County family. 2012.29 Sugar Tongs
brass in form of an African man on a seashell with "Congo" on his chest, 6"x 5" x 2" 2012.13.2 Ash tray
Leather bound , small, poor condition, contained all the papers in this collection when donated. found at "Retreat" Essex County 2007.43.213 Trunk
34 inches long with wooden handles and metal cannisters; painted red and green; broken on one side at the bottom. 2012.37.1 Tobacco Planter
Ceramic, 9 inch diameter marked "Lowery's" on rim. Cream glaze with burgundy trim; marked "Glo-Tan, Carr China, Grafton, W. VA, B 50 on bottom; worn and 2-inch long crack in glaze. 2012.37.2 Plate from Lowery's
Ceramic, 9 inch diameter marked "Lowery's" on rim. Cream glaze with burgundy trim; marked "Glo-Tan, Carr China, Grafton, W. VA, B 50 on bottom; worn and 2-inch long crack in glaze. 2012.37.3 Plate from Lowery's
Metal clicker, 1 3/4 inches long, painted yellow and blue; believed to have been used by family members in the military during WWII 2012.38.1 Clicker
Metal picture in frame with glass and thermometer; 8 x 10 inches; silohuette of a family and kittens beside a fireplace; "W.C. Brooks & Sons, Inc., Home of Better Building Materials, Phone 66, Tappahannock". Originally had a calendar attached to the back. 2012.38.2 Advertising picture, W.C. Brooks
From the home of Susie Brizendine Taylor of Bowler's Wharf. 2013.06.1 Bible Williamson Family Bible
Belonged to Alvin and Annie Brizendine Pitts. From the home of Susie Brizendine Taylor of Bowler's Wharf. 2013.06.2 Bible Pitts Family Bible
Blue and white ceramic with sailing ship, settler and Native American commemorating the Essex County tricentennial. 2013.07 Tile Essex County Tricentennial Tile/Hot Plate
Metal with black paint with advertisement for "Curson's Dept. Store, Lowest Price Store in the City, 1311-16 Pt. Breeze Ave." (Philadelphia). Poor condition. 2013.08.09 Shoe Horn
Toy pipe, wood and plastic, marked "Souvenir of Tappahannock, Va"; may have held a pencil. 2013.08.10 Toy Pipe
Promotion for Tappahannock Building Supply; has 443- telephone number. 2013.1 Yardstick
Cast iron, 22 inches high, double wheel, no. 7 patent date 1898, made by Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia. Good condition, much of the original red paint and decals. 2013.13 Coffee Mill
Child's toy measuring 8 inches long by 3 inches wide, composition: plastic. Marked "Savannah, GA"; Missing the left leg and part of the tail. 2011.17.345 Toy Alligator
Hair of John Webb and Margaret Webb, children of John and Jane Haile Webb 2011.17.410 Lock of Hair
Three round white linen doilies with hand crocheted edgings 2013.17.1 Doilies
Set of four white crocheted coasters worked with fine thread 2013.17.2 Coasters
Linen coaster with crocheted edging, white and ecru 2013.17.3 Coaster
Linen doily with tape lace edging, cream color 2013.17.4 Doily
White crocheted doily, heavy thread 2013.17.5 Doily
Small star-shaped crocheted doily with picot edging 2013.17.6 Doily
Five crocheted coasters, heavy thread; same technique but differing designs 2013.17.7 Coasters
Two square mats, filet crochet, for table or dresser use 2013.17.8 Crocheted mats
Five-piece white linen dresser set, drawn threadwork; two large and three small pieces 2013.17.9 Dresser set
Four dinner napkins, cream linen embellished with grey cutwork embroidery, floral motif. Stained. 2013.17.10 Napkins
Seven napkins, birdseye fabric, fringed and hand embroidered with wildflower motifs, stained. 2013.17.11 Napkins
Two "luncheon size" cotton napkins, stamped with a flower design, soiled. 2013.17.12 Napkins
Pair of crocheted gloves, probably commercially made; good condition, but some stains 2013.17.13 Gloves
Print handkerchief embroidered with "Pauline"; blue roses on cream ground with burgundy border. 2013.17.14 Handkerchief
Dark brown cardboard with picture of a "Spanish Lady"; fair condition 2013.17.15 Handkerchief box
Black minstrel cloth doll with red jacket, black and white striped pants, cream colored ribbon at neck. Pedigree Label of Northern Ireland. Soiled, several tears. 2013.18 Doll Golliwog
Old Bayer asprin bottle, probably from the 1940's or 1950's 2013.23 Bottle Bayer Asprin
Hannah Shore Lewis Sampler worked by Hannah Shore Lewis. Upper and lower case alphabet and numbers worked in cross stitch with brown, pink and blue thread; dark brown cross stitch borders,on beige linen. In gold colored frame. Her name is embroidered on the lower left, and there is a lock of hair attached to the lower right with a small bow. 2013.22 Sampler
Board game design based on "Monopoly" game;has names of businesses, individuals, Board of Supervisors, Essex High School. 2013.24 Game The Game of Essex County
Model of a Chesapeake Skipjack Oystering Boat, 46 inches long by 41 1/2 inches high with base. 2013.26 Model Boat Chesapeake Skipjack Oystering Boat
John Krom Male Bufflehead duck decoy 2013.05.01 Decoy Male Bufflehead
John D. Krom Female Bufflehead duck decoy 2013.05.02 Decoy Female Bufflehead
John Krom Male Wood Duck decoy 2013.05.03 Decoy Male Wood Duck
John Krom Female Wood Duck decoy 2013.05.04 Decoy Female Wood Duck
Male Redhead duck decoy 2013.05.05 Decoy Male Redhead
Female Redhead duck decoy 2013.05.06 Decoy Female Redhead
John Krom Male Green Wing Teal duck decoy 2013.05.07 Decoy Male Green Wing Teal
John Krom Female Green Wing Teal duck decoy 2013.05.08 Decoy Female Green Wing Teal
John Krom Male Blue Wing Teal duck decoy 2013.05.09 Decoy Male Blue Wing Teal
Female Blue Wing Teal duck decoy 2013.05.10 Decoy Female Blue Wing Teal
John Krom Male Pintail duck decoy 2013.05.11 Decoy Male Pintail
John Krom Female Pintail duck decoy 2013.05.12 Decoy Female Pintail
John Krom Male Mallard duck decoy 2013.05.13 Decoy Male Mallard
John Krom Female Mallard duck decoy 2013.05.14 Decoy Female Mallard
John Krom Black Duck decoy, hen or drake 2013.05.15 Decoy Black Duck
John Krom Male Bluebill duck decoy 2013.05.16 Decoy Male Bluebill
John Krom Female Bluebill duck decoy 2013.05.17 Decoy Female Bluebill
John Krom Male Canvasback duck decoy 2013.05.18 Decoy Male Canvasback
John Krom Female Canvasback duck decoy 2013.05.19 Decoy Female Canvasback
Coot duck decoy 2013.05.20 Decoy Coot
Swan decoy 2013.05.21 Decoy Swan
Canada Goose decoy 2013.05.22 Decoy Canada Goose
Punch, bells on collar P97.037.1 Puppet
Small doll with porcelain head , arms and legs, brown dress and bonnett, white slips and pantaloons, late 20th c., made by a man in Richmond, VA P97.037.2 Doll
Ogee style clock made by the Union Clock Manufacturing Company, Bristol, Connecticut. Originally a 30-hour weight-driven clock, the original movement was replaced with a brass 8-day spring-driven works about 1928. The clock has its orginal face and etched glass tablet featuring a lyre and flowers. It belonged to Joseph A. Pynes of Millers Tavern. 2013.28.01 Clock
Brass powder horn with leaf decoration; belonged to Joseph A. Pynes of Millers Tavern 2013.28.03 Powder horn
Leather powder horn with rabbit in a snare and game birds decoration; brass neck marked "AM Flask and Cap" on neck; belonged to Joseph A. Pynes of Millers Tavern 2013.28.04 Powder horn
Silver pocket watch with chain and winding key made by M.J. Tobias and Company, Liverpool; belonged to Joseph A. Pynes of Millers Tavern 2013.28.05 Pocket Watch
Leather pocketbook with steel frame; belonged to Joseph A. Pynes of Millers Tavern; family tradition says he carried it in the Civil War, but when received by the museum it contained 12 small folded documents of business transactions of Joseph A. Pynes, 1880-1899. 2013.28.06 Pocketbook
German (?) Iron Cross WWI (?)---needs to be authenticated. 2011.08.4 Medal
brass, 9 in. long; handle engraved "L C L", circa 1930-1940s, made by Dr. Sparrow, belonged to Lucy Temple Latane and she "had on her desk for years" 2009.16.2 Letter opener
Tobacco cutter by North Mfg. Co., Philadelphia 2014.01.1 Tobacco Cutter
String holder from Caret Store -- Taylor's Store. 2014.01.2 String Holder
Tappahannock Volunterr Fire Department Belt and Buckle 2014.02.1 Fire Dept. Belt and Buckle
Essex Packing Company Token 2014.02.2 Token
A.W. Kriete and Company "15" token 2014.02.3 Token
Rappahannock Equipment Company, Inc. operated a grain elevator in Tappahannock on Hoskins Creek. Corporation officers were: John C. DeShazo, President; Charles N. DeShazo, Vice President/Secretary; Edmund W. Haile, Treasurer. The corporation was disolved in 1978. The land, some three acres on Hoskins Creek was sold to Perdue, Inc. The record book was found in the attic of Catherine DeShazo. 2014.04 Corporation Record Book Rappahannock Equipment Company, Inc.
Samuel Ayres Three silver spoons made by Samuel Ayres, silversmith and clock maker, Essex County, VA c. 1780-1786. 2014.05 Silver spoons
Store ledger owned by Crawford Taylor of Ozeana, VA 1894--1896. 2014.06 Ledger
4 full pages from Rappahannock Times; Southside Bank opens new building in Tappahannock. Article has photos of earlier buildings and officers. People: L.E. Mumford; B. B. Brockenbrough;James M. Lewis; A.A. Cralle; Gordon Lewis; John R. Ferry, presidents. 2014.07 Newspaper clippings
Wooden cane carved by a Union soldier while in prison during the Civil War. Bears the carver's initials "SSD" and inscribed "to a friend." Depicts one animal preying on another. This description came with the cane: "Food chain" theme: includes two pigs at top, a snake, frog, turtle, fish, insect and lizard at the bottom end. 2014.09 Cane
Lace trimmed christening gown with slip and bonnet worn by Howard W. Reisinger, Sr. at his baptism June 1905 in Trinity Lutheran Church, Washington, D.C. There is additional bonnet, hand crocheted and lined, trimmed with white ribbons. 2014.13 Christening gown
Wooden fish box and wooden bushel basket top. 2014.14 Wooden fish box
Deer hide trunk from "Retreat" in Essex County 2014.16.1 Trunk
17-pc. ceramic toy tea set, plus two minature tins and one miniature glass cup; belonged to the McRee-Cocke family at "Retreat" in Essex County. 2014.16.2 Toy Tea Set
WW I era Army jacket , green wool, that belonged to Robert Haile Sisson, father of donor. He was married in Tappahannock in 1918 2014.28.1 Jacket
Army, WW I era olive green wool, broad brimmed, belonged to Robert H. Sisson 2014.28.2 Hat
Dr Pepper bottle, may have been bottled at Tappahannock. Dr Pepper and "Good For Life" and clock face showing hours 10, 2, and 4 molded into glass. 2014.22 Glass bottle
Carved, shed deer antler with spirit nome--protector of women and children. 2014.23.1 Carved deer antler
Spirit nome in small forest (every tree has a spirit). 2014.23.2 Carved deer antler-spirit nome
Carved deer antler with a morel carving. 2014.23.3 Carved deer antler
Deer antler carved into a smoking pipe. 2014.23.4 Carved deer antler
Deer antler carved into a whistle. 2014.23.5 Carved deer antler
Eleven cowbone (or bovine) buttones, old. 2014.23.6 Cowbone/bovine buttons
Four cowbone or bovine underwear buttons with larger holes than the others, old. 2014.23.7 Cowbone or bovine underwear buttons
Fourteen early clay marbles, various colors, one large. 2014.23.8 Marbles
Seat from Daw Theater, Tappahannock, mounted on a base; was stored in Essex Courthouse; red upholstery, metal painted black, 1960s - 70s(?) 2014.25 Theater Chair
Computer- IBM PC Jr., with display and 2 sidecar mrmory units. 2014.27.1 Computer with display, 2 sidecar memory
Color printing calculator 2014.27.2 Color printing calculator
Smoking pipe carved from fish bone, found in Florida 2014.23.9 Pipe
4 buttons made from deer antler. 2014.23.10 Buttons
Wooden crate; Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale, ca 1920s; held 50 bottles. 2015.06.1 Crate
Wooden crate, "California Loose Muscatel Raisins," ca early 1900s. 2015.06.2 Crate
Can, metal, for milk; 20 in high, painted silver, marked "69 Va Dairy Company, Richmond, Va." 2015.06.3 Can
Doll, 3 small dolls in a box, early 20th century; two porcelain, 1 plastic, poor condition. Belonged to Lucille Reynolds Ware Taliaferro 2015.06.4 Dolls
Toy, stuffed, brown cloth rabbit filled with excelsior (wood wool) , early 1900s, Ware family; poor condtion. 2015.06.5 Toy
Toy, cast iron fireman, with peg to fit onto a firetruck, some red, white, and black paint; 2.5 in high, early 1900s, poor condition; Ware family 2015.06.6 Toy
Two wooden spools, marked a and b 2015.06.7 Spool
Scoop, metal. With wooden back and handle, for grain or flour; 15.5 in long by 7 in wide; late 19th or early 20th c. 2015.03.4 Metal scoop
Tongs, ice; steel, 14 in long by 8.5 in wide; early 20th c; traces of red paint. 2015.03.5 Ice tongs
Uniform dress blues. Shirt, tie, white gloves, hat, Corfam shoes, 1 pair; no belt needed, epaulets; tailor made by Civilian Authorized Special fit. 2015.04.1 Dress blues (uniform)
Bag of 2nd, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Lt. Colonel brass insignia. 2015.04.2 US Army brass insignia of rank
Class A green uniform, black belt, shoes and tie, black and green hat, field "clutch" cap; socks, tie, tan shirt (belt was not issued). 2015.04.3 Army uniform
Set of fatigues (no brass used on fatigues), web belt with brass buckle (boots were worn with uniform but no boots included), hat, socks, Army Security Agency teal blue scarf (Ken was in Germany after WW II). 2015.04.4 Army fatigues
Black shoes (Not dress shoes) 2015.04.5 Shoes
Tropical worsteds ("TWs") called 'sun tans.' 2015.04.6 US Army uniform Tropical Worsteds
US Army kakies, no accessories. 2015.04.7 US Army summer uniform (kakies)
Dress, formal; black rayon (?) with beige collar and cuffs with black and white beads sewn on (no label). 2015.05.1 Dress
Coat, man's. Tails, black wool. Label- "Kirk-Parrish Co., Clothiers, Furnishers, Richmond, Va." 2015.05.2 Coat
One 1793 British Half Penny; found at Champlain 2011.46.1 Coin
Button from Kentucky Civil War uniform; found at Champlain, Va. 2011.46.2 Button
Coffee grinder, wooden, Logan and Strobridge, circa late 1800s or early 1900s; appears to have been refinished 2015.09.1 Coffee grinder
Aluminum espresso coffee pot, ca 1930s, art deco style 2015.09.2 Coffee pot
Confederate paper money: One 20 dollar bill, seven 10 dollar bills, one 5 dollar bill, all marked Richmond, 1864. 2015.09.3 Money
Painting, oil, on canvasboard; head of a Haitian woman, 12 x 15 in. in wooden frame, by Mary King Pettigrew 2015.12.2 Painting
One celery/pickle dish (?); china, white, w/ blue decoration and "Eastern Steamship Lines, Inc" logo; 5 in x 10.25 in. On bottom: Mayer China, est 1861, Marine, 18, true ivory. 2016.01.1 Celery/pickle dish