Essex County Local Chapter
Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission

2009 thru 2015 has been earmarked as the commemoration of the ‘Civil War’ by the Virginia General Assembly so documented by HB1440. HB1440 gives specific powers and duties to the Commission which filter down to each county and independent city possessing their own local committee. Our Essex County committee has been working diligently for over a year to highlight our participation and significance in The War. We have been closely working with the Essex County Museum & Historical Society to plan county-wide events which will be disclosed in timely articles in the Rappahannock Times, other local publications and the ECMHS bulletins.....

Sneak previews of future events include:
an enlarged, and digitized rendering of a picture from the very early 1900s of our confederate veterans gathered at the courthouse. Descendants of these men are encouraged to identify their ancestor at the ECMHS and provide additional documentation if available.
Preservation of family archival documents by digital scan. The digital scans do not harm the documents/photos and do not require remote and/or prolonged processing. The digital scans would be copied for the ECMHS and the Library of Virginia, thus ensuring their continuation for future generations.
Highlighting of Essex County’s ‘Then and Now’ sites associated with The War on the Virginia Sesquicentennial webpage,
Lecture at the University of Richmond, “America On The Eve Of The Civil War”, by Dr. Edward L. Ayers. (
Local ECMHS Museum exhibits.
Local authors to give lectures on Essex County events and personalities.

Essex County Committee members include: Anne Jackson (chairman), Anita Harrower, Gordon Harrower, Robert LaFollette, Joe Johnston, David Jett, Stan Balderson, Sterling Harris, Hannah Overton, Peter Trible, J. Allen Davis, Robert Tombes, Wallace Sterling and Susan Degraw.

You are encouraged to come and participate in any of our events. For further information, call 804-443-4690.
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